Here is a list of most recent conference and journal publications related to our work. For more details check Google Scholar and ORCID

Selected peer-reviewed articles:

Selected conference papers:

  • Walker, C.G. et al., 2010. Regression Spline Fitting with Applications. Proceedings of the 45th Annual Conference of the ORSNZ.
  • Theakston, E. et al., 2010. Stochastic modelling of cardiac cell structure. In Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2010 Annual International Conference of the IEEE. IEEE, pp. 3257–3260.

Invited talks:

  • NZ MedSci Congress, Nelson, New Zealand, 2016.
  • International Nanomedicine Conference, Sydney, Australia, 2015

Conference Abstracts:

  • Hunt, H., Bass, G., Rajagopal V., Crampin E., ‘Hypertrophy, How calcium dynamics cause a change of heart’, EMBL Australia Postgraduate Symposium, Adelaide, Australia, 2016
  • Hunt, H., Rajagopal V., Crampin E., ‘Investigating nuclear calcium dynamics’, AMSI Winter School, Brisbane, Australia, 2016
  • Ghosh et al., A quantitative investigation of the effect of altered mitochondrial organization and function on cardiomyocyte performance [podium presentation]. Cardiac Physiome 2016, Seoul, Korea
  • Rajagopal et al, Examination of the Effects of Heterogeneous Organization of RyR Clusters, Myofibrils and Mitochondria on Ca2+ Release Patterns in Cardiomyocytes [podium presentation]. Cardiac Physiome 2015, Auckland, New Zealand
    • Bass, G. et al., Statistical Model of Anatomically-Realistic RyR Localization in Cardiomyocytes [poster presentation]. International Conference for Systems Biology 2014. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
    • Yan, J. et al., 2012. Visualization, Modeling, and Spatial Statistics of Mitochondrial Assembly in Adult Cardiomyocytes using Serial Block-Face Scanning Electron Microscopy. Biophysical Journal, 102(3), p.142a.
    • Bass, G. et al, Statistical Model for Anatomically-Realistic Calcium Release Channel Distribution in Cardiomyocytes [platform presentation]. Biomedical Engineering Society Conference 2012. Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
    • Rajagopal, V. et al., 2012. Subcellular Structural Changes in Diabetic Cardiomyopathy and its Impact on Cardiac Cell Calcium Dynamics. Biophysical Journal, 102(3), p.104a.
    • Blumgart, E.I. et al., 2011. Cardiac Excitation-Contraction Coupling Proteins: A 3D Spatial Analysis. Biophysical Journal, 100(3), pp.621a–622a.
    • Rajagopal, V., Jayasinghe, I.D. & Soeller, C., 2011. Modelling the Structure and Function of Cardiac Cell Transverse-Axial-Tubules. Biophysical Journal, 100(3), p.293a.
    • Rajagopal, V., Soeller, C., Crampin, E.J. & Hunter, P.J., 2009a. Developing A Realistic 3d Model Of The Ventricular Cardiomyocyte.